Nat. Rev. Meth. Primers now on SN Experiments

The new title 'Nature Reviews Methods Primers' is now searchable on the Springer Nature Experiments Platform
Nat. Rev. Meth. Primers now on SN Experiments

Building on the very successful ‘Primers’ concept, the newest addition to the Protocols and Methods Portfolio, Nature Reviews Methods Primers (NRMP), was launched in mid-January. NRMP content is now searchable on SN Experiments. Aside from supporting what is sure to be a successful journal, NRMP’s inclusion on Experiments is a milestone for two main reasons.

First, this is the first expansion of content coverage for SN Experiments since its launch in late 2017. Expanding content coverage is a perennial discussion and we’re pleased to advance these discussions with NRMP. Second, this is the first time that a new journal launch has been covered by SN Experiments. As such, we’re keen to explore how SN Experiments can support the uptake and growth of a new title like NRMP.

The Experiments Team will continue to optimize the user experience around NRMP on the Experiments platform in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you're invited to explore NRMP content on the SN Experiments platform.

For any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact the Experiments Team:

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