Behind the Paper Top Five: 2019

​Our most viewed Behind the Paper posts of 2019
Behind the Paper Top Five: 2019

Let’s begin 2020 with a run-down of our Top Five most viewed* Behind the Paper posts of 2019:   

  1. Taking the top spot, some helpful FAQs on choosing the best split fluorescent proteins for your application, written by Siyu Feng.    

  2. Eimear Kenny discusses the value of diversity in large-scale genomic studies, our second most viewed BTP of 2019.  

  3. A post describing a new technique for controlling stem cell patterning in vitro is at no.3, contributed by Andrea Manfrin

  4. Ruth Isserlin’s Behind the Paper about developments in pathway enrichment analysis of genomics data over the last 10 years is our fourth most viewed. 

  5. And just making the Top Five, a post describing a new computational tool to improve detection of cellular morphologies in 3D image data, contributed by Meghan Driscoll.       

Thanks to all our Behind the Paper contributors from 2019 (we published 45, which is great considering we only launched the community at the start of the year) and congratulations to those that made our Top Five. We look forward to many more stories in 2020. 

If you would like to post a Behind the Paper and don't see the 'Contribute' option along the menu bar, then please get in touch with us and we can update your profile. 

We also happily welcome Behind the Papers from journals other than our own. 

*using Google Analytics. 

Poster image is from Siyu Feng's Behind the Paper (no.1)

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