Help build a new research platform!

An exciting chance to join and help develop a research platform.
Help build a new research platform!

The flood of information and generic searching tools often makes searching for the right protocols and methods very frustrating and time consuming. Springer Nature Experiments was launched in late 2017 to address this problem. Since then, Experiments has established itself as a powerful tool optimized for finding and evaluating protocols and methods. A key reason for this success is the feedback from actual lab researchers like you.

Experiments is now entering an exciting new development phase. The Experiments team once again invites the protocols and methods community to play a critical role in developing innovative solutions to support lab research. As a platform built by researchers for researchers, we at the Experiments team eagerly await the opportunity to work with you. To join us on this exciting journey of developing a cutting edge research platform, please fill out the form given in the link below.
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Thank you very much in advance and we look forward to working with you!

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