A Finer Point relating to Nature Protocols RSS feeds

Following on from the previous post, I would like to show you what else you can do to customise your Nature Protocols RSS feeds.

If you have a look at the list of RSS feeds for the categories, you will notice that all of the links have “.rss” between “protocols” and the question mark.

For example:



Structural Biology


Synthetic Chemistry


What is really cool, is that you can make an rss feed from any search term (or group of search terms) accessible from the Browse page.

For example, if you are very interested in NMR, you might search for this term within the Structural biology category, insert “.rss” into the webaddress and then copy the resulting link into your feedreader!

Webaddress for the search results:


Webaddress for the RSS feed:


Another example application:

If you are collaborating with other research teams and want to be able to easily group protocols that “belong” to the collaboration, you could agree on a unique connecting word or phrase to add to the keywords when uploading your Exchange Protocols. You would be able to use this term to easily find the protocols, plus you could have an RSS feed to let you know when more protocols had been added.