Are there any needles in this haystack?

With increasing volumes of information being published we are becoming ever more reliant on good:

(1) Search engines, and

(2) Post-publication reviews (e.g. in the form of Featured articles, News and Views pieces, blog-posts, comments and ratings).

In this post, I would like to introduce you to the Protocols Browse function.

Google and PubMed are, I think, the best resources for finding information when you know (almost) exactly what you are looking for. There are times, though, when it is useful to browse through the literature to uncover things that might be interesting or useful. Nature Protocols and the Protocol Exchange share quite a powerful Browse function. Unfortunately it suffers slightly from not being an integral part of either home page and therefore I have these paranoid thoughts that users of our site are not even aware that it exists!

In a small attempt to address this, I have created a few very short screencasts to introduce people to Browsing Protocols.

The first shows an example of how to access the Browse function from the Nature Protocols homepage (

The second shows an example of how to browse community contributed protocols from the Protocol Exchange (