Destination Florida: Mass Spec for Structural Biology conference

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I am very excited about going to Florida for the Mass Spectrometry Technologies for Structural Biology Conference organised by the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. To celebrate, five of our related protocols will be free for a few weeks.

Ion mobility–mass spectrometry analysis of large protein complexes
Brandon T Ruotolo, Justin L P Benesch, Alan M Sandercock, Suk-Joon Hyung & Carol V Robinson

Determining the stoichiometry and interactions of macromolecular assemblies from mass spectrometry
Helena Hernández & Carol V Robinson

Multiplex peptide stable isotope dimethyl labeling for quantitative proteomics
Paul J Boersema, Reinout Raijmakers, Simone Lemeer, Shabaz Mohammed & Albert J R Heck

Chemical derivatization of histones for facilitated analysis by mass spectrometry
Benjamin A Garcia, Sahana Mollah, Beatrix M Ueberheide, Scott A Busby, Tara L Muratore, Jeffrey Shabanowitz & Donald F Hunt

A sensitive mass spectrometric method for hypothesis-driven detection of peptide post-translational modifications: multiple reaction monitoring-initiated detection and sequencing (MIDAS)
Richard D Unwin, John R Griffiths & Anthony D Whetton

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