Top Exchange Protocols – By number of views

The three most viewed Exchange Protocols appear on the Protocol Exchange homepage; they don’t seem to change much, mostly because they are always highlighted!

This blogpost will list the top 13 Exchange Protocols (it is after all the 13th of July!) to give a better picture of which protocols people find most interesting, and to show our appreciation for some the researchers who upload excellent protocols to our site.

Of course, that they are the most downloaded does not necessarily mean that they are the ones that will be most useful to you. To find protocols relevant to your research, try using the browse function on our site.

The list below was obtained using Webtrends, and reflects the order of protocols in terms of the number of views over the last 91 days.

1.  A protocol for in vivo detection of reactive oxygen species

2. Neural Stem Cell Culture: Neurosphere generation, microscopical analysis and cryopreservation

3.  Production of neuron-preferential lentiviral vectors

4.  Western blot analysis of sub-cellular fractionated samples using the Odyssey Infrared Imaging System

Yukiko Misawa, Ying Li, David Rekosh & Marie-Louise Hammarskjold

5.  Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) for DNA replication origins

Patrizia Gasparini & Omar Malazzi

6.  COBRA Toolbox 2.0

Daniel Hyduke et al. from Bernhard Palsson’s lab

7.  Trans-well migration assay

Ofer Mandelboim

8. Measuring fatty acid oxidation in tissue homogenates

Matthew D Hirschey & Eric Verdin

9.  Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay

Zhongfu Ni, Danny W.-K. Ng, Jianxin Liu & Z.Jeffrey Chen

10.  Combination of chemical cross-linking and pull-down assay to study transient protein-protein interactions

Feng Gong, Deirdre Fahy & Michael J. Smerdon

11.  Immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization protocols

Joshua Hunsberger & Samuel Newton

12.  Simultaneous detection of murine antigen-specific intracellular cytokines and CD107a/CD107b by flow cytometry

Joyce J. Ruitenberg, Smita A. Ghanekar, Dirk G. Brockstedt  & Holden T. Maecker

13. A simple and rapid method for RNA isolation from plant tissues with high phenolic compounds and polysaccharides

Kam-Lock Chan, Chai-Ling Ho, Parameswari Namasivayam & Suhaimi Napis