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We are a little late to the party (it has been a busy month at Protocols HQ!), but Nature Protocols would like to extend their warmest congratulations to all this year’s winners of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry: Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell and William E. Moerner for their contributions to the development of super-resolution microscopy.

We are very pleased to have published a Nature Protocol from the Betzig lab earlier this year on Bessel beam plane illumination microscopy.  And we are equally pleased that the Protocol Exchange can claim a Nobel Laureate amongst its authors; the Moerner lab has published a guide to using Easy-DHPSF to measure the precise localisations of molecules in images acquired using a wide-field DH epifluorescence microscope. I would also encourage you to visit Moerner’s very informative lab website, if only to find out about the guacamole!

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