A celebration of cryo-EM

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Here at Nature Methods, we were quite excited yesterday to wake up to the news that the Nobel Prize in Chemistry had been awarded to Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank, and Richard Henderson for their seminal developments in cryo-electron microscopy (better known as cryo-EM) which now enable high-resolution biomolecule structure determination. This is a technique we have been watching closely since 2013, when the first papers (including one of our own) realizing the capability of near-atomic-resolution structure determination with cryo-EM were published.

Though much of the excitement about cryo-EM is quite recent, the Nobel Prize is a good reminder to us all that the essential foundations of this technology were laid decades ago. We celebrated such developments, both old and new, in our 2015 Method of the Year issue featuring cryo-EM.

To commemorate this well-deserved Nobel Prize, Nature Research presents an editorially curated collection of papers published in our pages – including methods and protocols, biological results generated using cryo-EM technology, and reviews, news and comment. Check it out!

Allison Doerr

Chief Editor, Nature Methods, Springer Nature

Allison has been an editor with Nature Methods since 2005, and chief editor since November 2018. She has been responsible for all areas of biochemistry for the journal, including structural biology and proteomics. Prior to her editorial career, she completed her Ph.D. in Chemistry at Princeton University, where she studied de novo protein design and protein-ligand interactions using NMR spectroscopy.
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